U n Me — A name synonymn to quality interspersed with choice.
The name clearly manifests the importance U n Me gives to it's customers. A special bond it shares with them. It's the relation between U (The customers) and Me (U n Me)
A sprawling area of 7000 sqft dedicated exclusively to Women and kids.
A special outlet each for females and males respectively.
A furniture showroom that gives your house an international touch and feel and a coaching class where children and motivated to enjoy education.
U n Me, with a chain of retail outlets in Chembur is a mega hit amongst the crowd, adding fuel to their ever increasing demand for better dressing.
With the concept of 'one stop shop' coupled with entertainment options and comfortable shopping experience the nostalgia for malls is fading off. U n me pioneered this change.

Commencement of the success voyage of U n Me

Young, Dynamic, Practical, Focused are few words that describes Mr.Mehul.N.Parekh, the brain behind the innovative venture - 'U n Me'. Today, Chembur is known as the New Destination for Fashion because of his broad vision and hands-on businessman attitude.

Shilpkar's Clothing Company is a business enterprise and brainchild of Mr.M.N Parekh. Under the umbrella brand name 'U n Me', a chain of retail stores have commenced catering to the complete wants and desires of all age groups viz. For He, For She, Kids n Teens, For Women, 90 Degrees, U n me Coaching classes.

He noticed that people go to Bandra and other down towns for shopping. So in order to make the shopping experience convenient and fun, he envisaged the opening of retail outlets which makes shopping a gratifying experience for everyone including teens, youth, professionals etc. His business model is based on buying properties (Unlike renting) and then converting them into retail stores.

Even though the mall culture is getting deep rooted, the success of U n Me was phenomenal. It turned the dream of Mr. Parekh into realism.

Believing is seeing is the tagline bestowed on him by his business partners and the ad makers who are working in-house with him. They believe he has the persona and positive attitude that has to be seen to be believed.
Though deeply rooted to traditions and values, he has always encouraged novelty and modernism. He is a perfect embodiment for today's youth with a fusion of ethnicity and originality.
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