Our Story


U&Me Design space is a Homegrown Textile Brand and a brainchild of two learning, and working enthusiasts who were acquainted with textiles in the most usual and unusual ways.

As a new era of materials finds its voice, U&Me wanted to believe that conventional textiles can find their way in the future of fabrics. Consequently keeping the traditions alive, U&Me is focused on creating a modern alternative to preserve India’s Textile Heritage.

The aim is to achieve expertise to be a sustainable, zero wastage space by using and reusing fabric that’s good for our planet.

U & Me is mounted with the intention of providing meaningful, rewarding vocation to the understated Artisans and to make socially conscious contributions to humane causes by collaborating with various NGOs.

With “U”, there is a vision to revolutionize fashion and empower the artisans, who in the modern world, yet, uplift the art and craft culture with their very human hands. Creating subsistence and a space for traditional designs, through the product of a community, vocalizes us, vocalizes U&Me.


Mahashakti Seva Kendra (MSK)

Mahashakti Seva Kendra (MSK), an NGO which helps and empowers women by equipping them with facilities and training associated with stitching and other steps linked in the process.

This non-profit organization was established in 1992, with a powerful strength of 2000 community members, mostly women. The founding aim of Mahashakti Seva Kendra is to help build leadership and train women, in various trades, to help them access their rights, gain agency, and become independent by establishing sustained livelihoods.

“Our collaboration with U&Me design has been one of our successful ventures. It has been a mutual learning experience, where both of us brought our expertise on board and created some unique textile products. The U&Me design team is extremely dedicated and hard-working. We give them credit for going out of their comfort zones by not reaching out to experienced artisans but giving us a chance to prove our skills, especially at this time during the pandemic when generating livelihoods is a huge issue. They have patiently held our hands and we have honed our skills under their guidance. It has been a supremely satisfying experience, where we were able to deliver only because U&Me gave us a free hand and an opportunity to showcase our skillset. We hope to continue our collaboration and form a dream team.”

-By Pooja Iyengar, Director MSK